John Dungeon is facing the Wobbling Eye – a MONSTER, raised in the Darkness of a Dungeon and ready to send out its Children to spread Terror and Destruction.
Explore a Dungeon full of dangerous Traps, shiny Trasures and evil Monsters.
Slaughter the nasty Brood of the Wobbling Eye, level up your Abilities and Conquer the Wobbling Eye’s Throne Room.

Gamepad recommended
Jump: Gamepad Button0 / Keyboard ‘c’ / Space
Shoot: Gamepad Button1 / Keyboard ‘x’ / CTRL Left
Quit: Esc-Key
Pause: Gamepad Start-Button / Keyboard ‘p’
Toggle Fullscreen/Window: Alt + Enter

Multi Jump: Press Jump Button Multiple Times (Collect Special Items)
Burst: Hold Fire Button (Collect Special Items)

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John Dungeon

Oldschool Blood&Gore Permadeath Platformer - One Dungeon, One Endboss - Try, Die, Repeat

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