Inspired by the "BIG TRAK" toy we created an original game with bonsai trees mental robots and a broken rocket

Bob (a bot ) has just woke up on a lost planet. He lost all of his limbs somehow, and has no idea of what has happened. He is a little bit crazy, but he can communicate with you.. You don’t have much clue of what to do either, but since you are a little bit smarter than Bob you are in charge.

Bob’s battery is now nearly empty, coincidentally there is battery pack just up the road ahead. If he goes and gets it himself, he will trip over and fall down the pit. Your first task is to look at the path and send him instructions on how to get there.
Bob is very happy you are going on this adventure with him because you will help him find his lost limbs, which are currently scattered around, and also plenty of oil tins . You are admired for your ingenuity in guiding Bob through this difficult journey.

Not everything will be happiness though. Bob will find himself in challenging situations and you both will need to fight for survival.


Original game-play of planning how to navigate the environment in advance.
Highly polished game-play, graphics and sound.
Funny dialogues.
Leader-board for shortest sequences.
Advance loop and condition commands.

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Jump, Step, Step

Jump Step Step is a gorgeous and funny programming game with bonsai trees, crazy robots and a broken rocket. Bob is short-circuited and goes mental. Please send him a series of moves to guide him back to his ship. Without your help Bob will probably tell himself to step on a spike and die.

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