A unique twist on pinball with a competitive multiplayer angle, Control the ball and bounce through pinball machine-inspired levels from a third person view!

Kabounce Gameplay

Kabounce is the physics-based, team versus team, competitive pinball game. You control the ball and engage in thrilling, sport-like, pinball matches. Use abilities in game to destroy your opponents and take their points. Slam and bounce between bumpers, collect points and reach astonishing combos. Avoid the opposition and bank your points.

  • Addictive competitive online action of up to 10 players
  • Single Player Challenges/Mini-Games
  • Fully customizable pinballs
  • Stat tracking, leaderboards, unlockables, and more
  • Multiple Game Modes
  • Multiple stylized neon arenas
  • Play offline against bots, splitscreen, or on a Local Area Network (LAN)

Kabounce gives you the option to customize your pinball and save it to a load out. Select from a range of skins, modifications, accessories and trails.

Customization Options

  • Select a Pinball Base
  • Add a base Modification
  • Top Accessory
  • Middle Accessory
  • and a Bottom Accessory
  • Choose a Trail effect
  • Save and play!

KABOUNCE is currently still in development, features may still be expanded upon, added, or revised. Join in on the discussion forums and check back for updates!

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A unique twist on pinball with a competitive multiplayer angle. KABOUNCE is the physics-based, team versus team, third person pinball game where you take control of the ball! Roll and bounce through neon lit pinball arenas, collect points, or steal them from the opposition with powerful abilities.

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