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Kama Bullet Heritage

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The main character had an unusual dream, he is trying to consult his neighbor about this. It turned out that he was the heir of a hero named Kama Bullet and he had a longtime enemy, Maga Lezgin. The magician enslaved the world and killed Kama Pulu, Kama Jr. goes to sort out all these riddles and signs that his father left behind.

Plot: In Kama Bullet Heritage you play for Kama’s son, he had a dream and something went wrong. To go further in the story you will have to think about this or that task. Learn from the characters what to do and where to go and they will prompt you the way you want.

– Puzzles
– Atmospheric music
– Quest system
– Shooter
– Humor is combined with horror
– Various levels
– Various opponents and different weapons

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Kama Bullet Heritage

You play for Kama the younger, the son of Kama Bullet. Your father was killed by the Magician Lezgin, you must find and take revenge on Lezgin, your awaits an incredible journey.

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