What is it?

Have you ever had an obsession? Anything. To buy a sports car, to build a country house, to find true love, to collect all rare stamps?

What is it? Dream? The purpose of life? Or is it just a mental parasite that has settled in your mind? Any way, your life is no longer a mere existence. Now it is the path. A path that can lead anywhere. A path full of difficulties and questions.

The main character is an example of a person who goes to his goal. No matter what it is, no matter how big it is.

For example – the main character is looking for milk. Does it sound silly? Let it be.

How does it feel?

Katharsis is a first person exploration game, where you will face a bunch of choices and simple puzzles. Sooner or later those choices will lead you to the end of a story. There are a few endings and together they will provide a full game experience.
But remember – there is no true ending. Every ending is just a piece of a core message that game is trying to say.

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Obsession. Where does it come from? Where can it lead to? What role does it play in human life?
Perhaps even the most silly example of such an idea can answer all these questions.

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