"Keyboard Killer" is a unique training acting game which will improve your skill of keyboard ten-blind typing. It will also entertain you with complicated gameplay that gives an unusual sense of speed and accuracy.

Support EN & RU keyboard layouts.

Welcome to the Universe which has letters, portals and some… evil =)

Several Game Levels With Different Game Mode.

Warning: be maximally attentive during the game, because not every symbol is on your side.

For example, symbols-trolls with white cover can change the letters in most unsuitable moment, and symbols-parasites with grey cover can set your combo to zero and empty your accumulated energy.

The energy is used for activation of bonus ability.

oh, and One More Thing… Evil!

As Every Human-being We Enjoy Fighting the Evil.

You will fight bosses like Destroyer, Pirate Station, MeteoRain, Locust.

test Yourself!

can You Resist these Villains?

everything Depends On You!

Bonus Abilities

Fire – Double the score while swallowing up the symbols-trolls
Frost – Slow down space and time
Dark – The portals are endued with magnetic force that enables to swallow up the symbols-trolls from any point
Life – It’s a rescue from any mistake! Instant annulment of all the symbols-trolls on the screen.

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Keyboard Killer

"Keyboard Killer" is a unique training acting game which can improve your skill of ten-blind typing with keyboard. It's very funny and not so easy. The Game have 45 game levels with different game modes and enemies

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