Visual novel, ADV, mystery, horror, fantasy
Lenght: 1-3 hours

In one small but cruel world there were kilmongers – merchants of death. Those were the men, who traded their souls in exchange for the powers to summon demons from the underworld. Kilmongers goal was to train them and to sell them to the Empire. But kilmonger Argus, the hero of the story, have different goal. He has score to settle with the dark side.

  • This is non-linear visual novel – discover multiple endings depending on your choices in-game.
  • Bonus side-character story.
  • Great art, animated backgrounds, character-rich story with cunningly twisted plot.
  • Evil demons, violence and sex here just to emphasize the main thing – it’s a story about love and kindness. Lead the heroes through the darkness to true happy ending.

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Kilmongers live in a little but cruel world. They are the merchants of death. People who have lost their souls in exchange for the ability to call demons from the underworld.

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