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Kingdom City Drowning Episode 1 – The Champion

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KINGDOM CITY – the last standing mega-metropolis in a world choked by a toxic haze, forcing man to endlessly create towering structures that reach into the heavens, grasping for pure air.

Presented in VR, KINGDOM CITY DROWNING begins in the deepest, most depraved depths of Kingdom City, nearest the haze and desperation. We follow three delinquents – James, Maika, and Brooks – bound by violence, trauma, love, and the desire to forge their way to the top by any means necessary.

"Episode 1 – The Champion" follows James’ escape from the confines of a deep underground prison mining complex to meet up with his only two kin, but an escape is not without cost. In order to attain freedom, James must first strike a deal with the devil.

Kingdom City Drowning redefines cinematic storytelling as the world completely immerses and envelops the viewer in a way traditional screens cannot. Released episodically, Kingdom City Drowning will be the first of its kind to hit the VR marketplace.

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Kingdom City Drowning Episode 1 – The Champion

[22MIN RUNTIME] - Enter the vast chaotic depths of Kingdom City in a brand new narrative series for high-end VR headsets. Follow Brooks, James and Maika, three delinquents bound by violence, trauma and love on a journey of survival through an endless metropolis of depravity and crime.

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