the Machine

Kollidoskop! was a mythical Soviet arcade machine produced in a single production run in 1978 as an attempt by the Ministry of Education to popularize particle physics. No known physical examples of the machine remain.

the Game

Collide photons to create matter and antimatter pairs. Collect the former, avoid the latter. Uncollected particles gather into elements that can be split at any time with a photon. Good luck!

  • Simple mechanics that give you a world of possible play styles and optimizations.
  • Customize the arcade machine itself to get an edge over other players.
  • Wrapping asteroids-like arena with customizable radius and play speed.
  • Thinker Mode lets you take all the time you need for devising your plans.
  • Highly replayable as you modify the game itself and climb up the leaderboards.

the Goal

As you collide photons and collect matter, you build up your element and try to synthesize Mendelevium, the 101th in the periodic table. On the way, you get the chance to better your friends and other Steam users on Steam Leaderboards.


This game has been developed as a daily jam on lunch breaks and afterhours over winter 2017/2018.

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While the Space Race is winding down, the Ministry of Education of USSR aims to bring particle physics to the masses by commissioning a video arcade game.
40 years later you finally get to play it.

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