Solve challenging puzzles! Jump over endless hazards! Shoot lots of bad guys! Maybe discover why everyone calls you lemon. Korvae In Space is a fun mix between a puzzle-platformer and side-scrolling shooter.

Explore the world of Shennari. A lot has changed while you were asleep. What happened to your civilization? Who are the new masters of this land? Piece together the past as you fight for your life.

Included in Korvae in space:

Purchasing Korvae in space gets you the first chapter right away and 4 more exciting chapters that when they are released.

Each of the 5 Chapters contains many puzzles, battles, and other challenges. Different Chapters feature different scenery, unique challenges, and various characters. Searching carefully within a Chapter may reveal clues about past events or future Chapters.

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Korvae in space

Solve puzzles and shoot enemies in this fun little indie game.

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