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Kyklos code, a first person action puzzler, sends you into your computer to defeat a virus. The virus has full control over your data and resets you to your starting location every 10 seconds. The only way to fight back is by manipulating the reset state of objects and activating new reset locations to ultimately find the virus and destroy it.

Special Features

  • Fight a computer virus by overcoming its challenges.
  • Meet a thrilling combination of logic puzzles and fast-paced action.
  • Use a hack to take puzzle objects into your reset loop.
  • Enjoy the cyberspace ambience powered by an intoxicating Synthwave soundtrack.

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Kyklos Code

Kyklos Code is a first person action puzzler where you are reset to your starting location every 10 seconds. You can toggle the reset state of other objects in the world to solve puzzles. By activating new reset locations you can advance through the game.

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