Combat system is based on measuring anti-tank firepower against armor and anti-personal firepower against infantry cover, while combat distance is gradually decreasing during the battle. Terrain affects on starting distance of engagement, cover and tank maneuverability. Side, rear or top armor is exposed to enemy fire when tanks are fighting in complex environment like woods, urban area or marshland.

Research is important part of the game. You can develop new tank engines, suspensions, guns, infantry weapons or improve industrial efficiency and training methods.

You can design new tank and set-up production line to produce it. Production capacity depends on the number of cities you occupied.

Proper training is essential for victory. Inadequate training will cause increased casualties, while good training will give combat bonuses. Training capacity is also limited, optimize carefully.

You can manage infantry equipment at platoon level. Select small arms and heavy weapons to provide necessary firepower.

Main Features:
– Randomly generated map
– More than 2100 possible tank designs
– 99 research projects
– 23 infantry weapons
– Custom training doctrines

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Land Doctrine

Land Doctrine is a 3D strategy game focusing on military optimization. Your task is to design tanks, manage research, equip infantry, determine infantry training, optimize production and build combined arms battalions to occupy and hold cities.

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