"The BALL is death. The BALL is LIFE. The stars in the sky thank the BALL for their existence. Without the BALL there would be only Darkness and Dust. Love the BALL. Destroy the BALL. We are nothing, but catalysts for creation. You… are a STAR." – The Gamemaker

Leap into the arena with abandon! Experience the glory of life and death in a single, fleeting instant!

Laser Lasso BALL is a frighteningly fast paced, minimal competitive game for two players. The objective is simple, hit your opponent with the BALL. Impacting the BALL is instant death. Yet each death is an act of creation that illuminates the universe.

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Laser Lasso BALL

Laser Lasso BALL is the deadliest sport in the universe. Beings from across the galaxy battle to become stars in this Local Multiplayer Alien Deathsport.

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