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Last Hours Of Jack

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Another day at the office…
Jack is the laziest, most irrelevant ‘computer guy’ working in a tech company. When the CEO falls into grace with him and shows Jack the most inner secrets of the company, little he suspects of the events that are going to be unleashed during his last hours at the office, whilst he becomes the ultimate nerd-action-hero.

Last Hours Of Jack features full melee action – being able to use any single item from the office as a weapon – chairs, computers, breakable furniture, smart puzzles, funny graphics and an amazing soundtrack!

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Last Hours Of Jack

Last Hours Of Jack is an adventure game full of gory action and comedy. Take control of Jack, the most sociopath and nerdy IT guy who works for a tech company, who will unexpectedly become the ultimate action hero in order to save the office (and the world?) from a zombie apocalypse!

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