The Soviet–Japanese war of 1939

Play through 2 world war two singleplayer campaigns centered around the Battles of Khalkhin Gol between the Empire of Japan and the USSR.
Estimated play time: 20 hours per campaign.
Early access features only the battle for Lake Khasan campaign.

Master different weapons

Destroy enemies superior in number and in firepower by mastering suppressive fire, piercing rounds, explosions, fire barrages, and smokescreens.

Destructible environments

Anything can be destroyed and in the meantime can provide cover from grenade blasts and fire.

Vicious AI

Enemies will try their best to survive by avoiding line of fire, grenades and burning ground. Different behavior types must be expected.


New units, weapons and campaign can be created, using Lua scripting language.

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Last Salvo

Last Salvo is a dynamic ww2 shooter.
To survive battles after battles, mastery of your weapons and knowing your enemies are key.
Only the skilled can survive.

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