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Lay claim to exclusive in-game items with the LawBreakers Deadzo Deluxe Edition, containing a ton of digital extras including character & weapon skins, Deadzo weapon stickers, and a special one-of-a-kind Deadzo account portrait – all only obtainable via this edition. Bring your skills and get ready to deliver death from every angle as you compete in unprecedented gravity-defying combat in this new, first- person shooter from legendary game designer Cliff Bleszinski. Itโ€™s time to rise to the challenge, get off the ground and see whoโ€™s best.

LawBreakers doesnโ€™t level the battlefield, it rises above it with a no-nonsense, one time price that includes all future roles, maps, modes for FREE. Yep… No โ€˜Season Passโ€™ BS required to compete in the future of FPS combat, just absolute skill.

Get the Deadzo Deluxe Edition which includes everything from the Core Edition plus:
– Six exclusive Character Skins
– "Hadronium Blue" Weapon Skins
– Deadzo Weapon Stickers
– Deadzo Account Portrait

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Bring your skills and get ready to deliver death from every angle as you compete in unprecedented gravity-defying combat in LawBreakers, the new first-person shooter from legendary game designer Cliff Bleszinski and the Boss Key Productions team.

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