Pre-purchase to get the Founder’s Edition

Legion TD 2 officially launches in early 2017! If you pre-purchase, you’ll receive the Founder’s Edition of Legion TD 2, which includes:

  • The full game: all current and future legions unlocked
  • Early access: access to the game one week before official launch
  • Founder status: your name listed in the game’s credits as a founder
  • Exclusive content: Pyro’s ‘Blue Fire’ VFX and Dark Mage’s ‘Magician’ skin

The ability to order the Founder’s Edition will be discontinued prior to launch. Aqua+ Kickstarter backers and those that already pre-ordered are automatically upgraded to the Founder’s Edition.

About the Game

On the planet Nova, fantastic creatures of every nature lived in harmony. But a strange sickness gripped the once-verdant paradise, and strife runs rampant. A few proud legions still stand tall, but each dawn brings a new wave of peril.


  • 4v4 session-based, multiplayer strategy
  • Multiple legions (races) and 100+ unique characters
  • Matchmaking, ladders, achievements, reconnecting, player profiles, and stat-tracking
  • Frequent content and balance updates


Legion TD 2 is played by two teams of four players on a symmetric playing field. Players defend their own lane against waves of enemy creatures that threaten their team’s king. The team whose king survives longer, wins. From start to finish, a match lasts around 20 minutes.


Legion TD 2 is like a tower defense, but instead of building towers, players deploy dynamic fighters that come to life. You can’t move a fighter after it is placed, so plan your formation carefully. Each round, your fighters battle a new wave of enemy creatures.

Your fighters move, attack, and cast spells automatically! After each wave of creatures is defeated, your fighters return fully restored to their original formation. You receive gold for completing the round. Spend gold to deploy additional fighters or upgrade existing ones. Each wave of creatures is stronger than the last, so be prepared!

Hire mercenaries to attack the opposing team. Each mercenary you hire permanently increases the gold income you receive at the end of each round.

Protect your king at all costs. Your fighters are the first line of defense, but if enemies make it past your fighters, they will attack your king. To win, you must defeat the opposing team’s king before your own.

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Legion TD 2

Legion TD 2 is the first competitive tower defense for PC. It's the standalone successor to the popular Warcraft III mod, Legion TD, and brought to you by the same team.

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