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Leon’s crusade (La cruzada de León)

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This special edition contains the complete soundtrack of the game along with 13 new tracks inspired by it. In total 50 free tracks.

About the Game

The Leon’s crusade is a game of adventure, action and exploration inspired by classic games like Metroid, Castlevania or The Maze of Galious.
The story of the game is based on the stories of the book "Vidal de la fuente: Memorias de un pueblo maldito" (Vidal de la fuente: Memories of a Damned People) by Javier J. Miranda.

The map of the game is divided into 7 large zones different from each other. At first your skills are limited, but as you get new outfits will increase allowing you to move on new paths.

– Explore the different areas of the game as you gain new skills and weapons.
– Scroll through the 7 zones of the map completely different from each other and defeat the final enemy that awaits you at the end of each one of them.
– Collect the pages of the grimoire, get the blessed objects and discover all the hidden secrets.
– You will be able to interact with a multitude of characters that will help you in your adventure.
– Special quests when completing the game, the adventure will not end by defeating the final enemy, since you can help the characters you have met with various requests.

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Leon’s crusade (La cruzada de León)

Game indie of adventure, action and exploration style "Metroidvania".

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