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Lethal Lawns: Competitive Mowing Bloodsport

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Lethal Lawns is a Competitive Lawn Mowing BLOODSPORT, combining the relaxation of gardening outdoors with hyper gratuitous violence.
The perfect addition for entertaining parties or just to unwind, Lethal Lawns supports 2-8 player bounce-n-joust chaos between HUMANS and BOTS

4 GAME MODES, to mix things up a little

Mowing Payday

  • Players mow grass for pocket money, and kill each other to steal cash.

King of the Lawn

  • Only the king can mow grass. Kill the king to become the king.

Last Mower Standing

  • Win rounds by being the last player still alive. When you’re out of lives, your out of the round.

Bounty Hunter

  • Win rounds by killing opponents in a classic lawnmower joust to the death.

5 UNIQUE ARENAS, each with their own theme, layout and hazards.


  • A simple, fenced backyard for uninterrupted carnage.


  • 2 lawns divided by a busy street road. Watch out for the passing cars.


  • Push your opponents off the edge to send them falling to their death.

Pool Party

  • Swimming pools are great fun in the sun, but remember; lawn mowers don’t float.

Zen Garden

  • Relax. Clear your mind. Become one with nature. Now, mow…

CUSTOMIZE YOUR GAMES, with different mutators and game rules for a wild experience.

  • Mower damage
  • Exploding mowers
  • Steal amount per kill
  • Limited lives
  • …and more

We’re hoping to be able to add more cool stuff like more customisations, features, game modes and arenas.

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Lethal Lawns: Competitive Mowing Bloodsport

The Competitive Lawnmowing Bloodsport

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