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Let’s be architects

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In this game you have to build structures by choosing fast where to build the next block, because structures are made of individual units, blocks.
The more tall your structures are, the more points you get, but careful, the structures can usually collapse if they are bad built.

"Let’s be architects" is a casual indie game made for players that look for a game that brings them fun and enjoyable gameplay as well as challenge.
The challenge can be found while gameplay because the structures you have to build have to be the largest posible as well as the tallest posible. And there are also needed reflexes and fast-thinking to play this game.

What to expect:

-Minimalist graphics that fit perfectly with the style of the gameplay.

-Challenging and strategy gameplay.

How to play:

-Left mouse click to choose the next block being built in the structure.

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Let’s be architects

"Let's be architects" is a pretty casual game made for bringin the players with a funny and ejoyable gameplay.

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