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Light And Dance VR – Worlds first Virtual Reality Disco

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Some people say it’s a music visualisation….others say it’s a virtual disco…, i say, it’s a whole new Music Experience….jump in and make your own decision in Virtual Reality!

This is a true VR only Experience and the first Virtual Reality Disco ever!

Does Music make you feel different?
Do you think it is possible to see the beauty of Music?
I think yes!
I am going to bring it to another level and make YOU love music even more.
Step into another Dimension and be a Part of the Virtual Revolution…
…where everything you can imagine is possible…
…where Music and Light makes you dance!

How it works

Step 1: start your Music
Step 2: start the game
Step 3: Enjoy!

The Idea:

Start you music on your Computer from
Youtube, Spotify, a Music Player,…
ANY source is supported!
Then start the Game and experience the running song or playlist more vibrant, with moving colors and lights in extraordinary beautiful environments.


  • HTC Vive and Oculus Touch support!
  • Great visuals at 90 fps!
  • The Game responds to the sound you hear on your computer (you don’t need to search for a music track in game).
  • A completely variating Dance-Floor. Many different patterns and nice colors, there are even color transitions to the beat.
  • 7 different Environments and the menu Environment. -> MORE will come…
  • Realistic volumetric Lights and Fog.
  • VR-Controller support for setting preferences and showing your movements as a path (it’s like drawing with your hands).
  • Swipe through Environments with the VR-Controller.
  • Jump into the Disco.
  • Jump to change the Environment.
  • You can use this as a music visualizer too, lean back, chill and enjoy!

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Light And Dance VR – Worlds first Virtual Reality Disco

Play your music, start the game, jump and dance!

It's the first virtual reality Disco, offers you a lot of music reactive environments, lights, fog and a beautiful dance floor where you can express yourself to your loved music from any source!

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