Lone Vessel is a top-down, roguelike space shooter. You are a small ship that must prepare for the invasion and survive as long as possible!


Each play-through has two phases. The first being preparation, in which you explore the void and complete missions in order to gain credits, weapons and items.
The second phase is the invasion, in which the player faces against increasingly frequent attacks of exotic enemies.
The game is roguelike, with persistent attributes like scores and load-outs.


Load-outs are different starting ships. Some emphasize different strategies (e.g. being tanky, running away, etc.), with different weapons and items. Load-outs are discovered and unlocked by doing a variety of things in the game.


An assortment of weapons can be obtained. Some weapons can shock chains of enemies, buffet them back, or pierce through multiple enemies for added effectiveness!

Items can heal you, teleport you, spawn in friendly ships, place down buildings, and more!


Achievements can be unlocked in-game.
When the game becomes eligible, trading cards will be added.
The steam overlay is NOT yet supported. Perhaps in a future update.

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Lone Vessel

Prepare for the invasion! Explore the void, complete missions for credits, and collect items to arm yourself. Unlock new load-outs and face exotic enemies in the face of impending destruction!

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