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Loot Box Simulator 20!8

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2017, many AAA games began to add paid boxes called "loot boxes". So I made a strange simulator about opening boxes with different things. Here you can click on the box, get virtual money for clicks and buy new boxes or open them. When you open the box, you will see that nothing has fallen out of the box, and the game money and time are spent, and you will get pain because of this. For example, one of the boxes costs 5000 clicks, you will click for a long time, buy this box, open box and then you will see that nothing has changed.
If you like such games and pain – we are waiting for you in Loot Box Simulator 20!8.
20!8 – it’s time to play!
-Strange simulator for a certain type of people
-You will feeling pain and getting nothing in the game, and time and game currency will spend
-Game with hidden meaning
-Various types of boxes, which can be opened (to open the box you need to click on the box and get money for that, which you can spend on buying new boxes or opening them)
-Steam achievements

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Loot Box Simulator 20!8

Strange simulator for a certain type of people who want to get NOTHING and PAIN. Game based on real events.

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