Lots of Balls is a brand new game from our brand new team based on a… not so brand new concept, BUT with a lot of brand new twists!

Control the Paddle as you destroy countless blocks & ships while Boosting, Shooting and Shielding at your own will!


  • 7 Different Gamemodes: It’s not just another "Breakout clone"!
  • Over 30 pre-built levels: With almost every level introducing something new!
  • Custom Level Editor: Create new boards using pre-existing layouts, events, gamemodes, and more!
  • Asynchronous Local Multiplayer: Play with a friend assisting you! (Or screwing you over…)
  • Tons of Extras: Enter cheat codes (yes, we have cheat codes), view stats or even do a special quiz!

Does NOT Feature:

  • All the things you DON’T want in a videogame!: NO DRM, NO PAID DLC, NO MICROTRANSACTIONS!
  • Milk… (sorry)

Expect free updates, including bug fixes & new features based on community feedback!

So come play with Lots of Balls!


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Lots of Balls

Lots of Balls is a crazy new game coming soon!

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