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Love or Loved – A Bullet For My Valentine

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Love or Loved is a massive multiplayer 3D Shooting and Fighting Arena game. Its a addictive multiplayer game with mixed elements from Battle Royale and IO games.
"Love or Loved – A Bullet For My Valentine" is the first phase of the game, specially themed to Valentines Day, including characters, weapons, game modes, etc.
"Love or Loved – A Bullet For My Valentine" will have unique Game Mode Events during the Valentines Week (7-14th Feb), after which the gameplay and the world will be expanded to cover more maps, story, weapons and match the theme of a Shooting and Brawling Arena game.


-Anime-style characters with interesting maps
-Shooting and Meele Arena Game with fast paced action
-Single Player and Multiplayer (LAN/Self-Hosted and Dedicated Servers)
-Multiple Characters and Maps to play
-Game Modes: FreeForAll
-Dedicated Servers, right from the get go

-NO LAG (multiple region dedicated servers)
-ACTUAL WORKING BOTS/AI (Server can fill empty player spots with bots till more players join, so you don’t have to play alone 🙂


Upcoming Features

-Interactive Maps
-COOP and Party Mode (Multiplayer)
-Cross-Platform support
-Server-based Event System (Boss Battles, traps, etc. like MMORPGs)
-Story Mode Invasions with Themed Expansion Packs



-WASD to move
-Left Mouse Button to shoot
-Right click to Zoom/Aim
-Tab or 1-2-3 to cycle through weapons
-Space to Jump
-Shift/Ctrl to Dash

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Love or Loved – A Bullet For My Valentine

Be Loved, eliminate your competition and claim your right to Valentine

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