Luna is the story of a young creature cast off by her Creator. Banished to the Depths of Subduction for lacking beefiness, Luna journeys through six strange worlds, fending off the likes of Lush Boy, Power Boy, Pure Boy, and Logic Boy in the hopes of becoming truly swoll.

Luna is a simple platformer with a unique twist: you can quickly rotate the world left or right, forcing physics to work for you as you navigate through a series of mind-bending challenges and puzzles. You’ll fend off obstacles, from simple boxes to fire pendulums to lasers to gravity shifters. But like many of its modern platforming peers, Luna fully explores the unique mechanics that drive it without impeding your progress with extraneous side quests or game overs. The gameplay comes first.

Key Features

  • Fast paced, tense, and challenging gameplay
  • 6 colorfully designed worlds with equally unique gameplay elements
  • Frequent checkpoints that keep you moving through the game
  • A charmingly weird screenplay focused around beefy baddies and introspection
  • An album’s worth of addictive, retro video game music with a modern twist, composed by Vinnie Byrne
  • Playable with Keyboard, Xbox and Playstation controllers

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Luna is a physics-based, gravity-twisting, 2D platforming mind-bender.

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