• The theme of the game is alcoholism and especially how it affects children.
  • Story first: Compact structure serves the story. The game lasts about 1.5 hours.
  • New approach to digital storytelling: mature theme meets classic point and click adventure game.

Lydia is a grim but atmospheric story-driven adventure game which deals adults substance abuse from the perspective of a small girl.

Lydia is a sweet little girl and she loves her Teddy very much. Teddy has been with Lydia from the very beginning. At least Lydia can’t remember living without him. Or playing without him. Lydia has never adventured nor found crickets from the nearby playground without him. Lydia loves Teddy. And Teddy loves her back.

Recently they’ve had difficulties sleeping. Lots of loud and strange sounds coming from downstairs. The grown-ups are having their own adventures there. Every night, all the time.

And of course, there’s the Monster. Hiding in the shadows, always there, where the eye can’t see. Grown-ups said that the monster isn’t real, that it’s all just imagination. But the grown-ups are wrong. The monster is real, although Teddy keeps telling that it isn’t. He keeps telling that everything’s going to be all right.

Teddy will always be there, watching Lydia. Keeping the monster at bay. Making sure, that Lydia can sleep through the night.

But this time the sounds are louder than usual.

Lydia is a story game in the vein of To the Moon. The game is all about the atmosphere. Spectacular gray-scale graphics with a hint of color and dark, ambient original soundtrack set the tone for the melancholic story. The game is short, about 1-2 hours long emotional journey to the depths of the imagination of a small child.

Can you find the monster?

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A story-focused adventure game about a little girl in the world of adults. How can you find a monster you can’t see?

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