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Magic and Challenge RPG

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This is a non-lineal RPG game, you will start in a room that introduces you in a tiny tutorial and a little talk about the game, going upstairs will take you to the city.
There are a lot of secrets and a lot of hidden treasures, you start with one character, the protagonist, and will end with 3. There are some different classes and different equipment for each of them.
Difficult puzzles and challenging battles will be part of your experience playing this game.

What to expect:

-Enjoyable and classic Rpg game with a good story

-A non-lineal game, being free to choose what to make and what to do

-Challenging puzzles throught all the gameplay

-Funny stories set apart from the main story

How to play:

Keyboard arrows to move. (or left mouse to move faster)

Space to interact with persons/objets.

In menu:

-Esc to enter menu
-Arrows to move in menu
-Space to accept in menu

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Magic and Challenge RPG

A good story reflected in a RPG game, 3 protagonists characters will accompany you in a story with challenges like battles and puzzles.

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