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Mari and the Black Tower

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Monsters and plagues pour out of the mysterious Black Tower. Forest nymph Mari and her partner, a young amnesiac named Abbie, must gather a band of heroes to scale the tower and uncover its secrets as it threatens to end all life on earth.

Originally an Android release, Mari and the Black Tower was inspired by classics from the jRPG and roguelike genres.


●Four party members with eight unique classes to choose from
●Classic turn-based combat enhanced with Instant abilities and an engaging TP system
●10 unique floors to climb and 30 quests to complete
●Hundreds of items, weapons and armors to find
●3 Difficulty modes–play on Easy for a casual experience or Hard to ramp the difficulty and give bosses new abilities
●Dank memes

*Dank memes not included

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Mari and the Black Tower

Mari and the Black Tower is a throwback to classic JRPGs and rogue-like dungeon-crawlers. Join Mari, Abbie and a team of heroes to scale the Black Tower in this classic experience with a modern twist.

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