The objective of the game is to win more three in a row columns than the opponent, when all 27 (3x3x3) cells are filled.

The outcome of the game can be determined from the first couple of moves to the last couple of moves, and just one mistake from you or the opponent makes the difference between winning and loosing.


  • Play against other players online
  • Earn 6 in game achievements
  • Modified boxing scoring system – take score from defeated opponents
  • Single player – practice against AI
  • Complexity – When all 27 cells are filled (the first player has 13 pieces on board, the second player has 14 pieces on board because he played his first turn twice) then there are 20,058,300 final states of the game.

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Match More

Match More is a casual online multiplayer puzzle game. Win more "three in a row" columns than the opponent, inside a 3x3x3 box.

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