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Mayas’ Virtual Brush

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Mayas’ Virtual Brush is a playground for your imagination where you are able to explore your creativity in whole new way. Mayas’ Virtual Brush is a set of 3D drawing and sculpting tools that allows anyone to create something truly unique to share with friends or even to use in work.

Drawing Mode:
2D Lines, 3D Lines, Line width , Line Color

Basic Editing:
Grab Drawing, Scale Drawing, Change Color , Change Material, Apply Effects, Delete

Advanced Editing:
Duplicate Objects, Join Objects, Cut Objects, Export Objects, Import Objects

Precision mode:
Draw Straight Lines, Set Angles, Scale, Move

Free movement (teleport and flight), Choose Environments, Weather Control, Day-time Control Choose Background Music

Take Screenshots, Record Videos, Color Book, Mesh Library

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Mayas’ Virtual Brush

Mayas' Virtual Brush is as 3D Painting and Sculpting tool with a friendly interface and simple controls that allows you to create whole new worlds, achieving breath-taking results with just a few simple strokes.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional, with Mayas' Virtual Brush anyone can create something truly new and inspiring!

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