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MewnBase (formerly "MoonBase"), is a work-in-progress game about wandering around a barren planet, finding resources and surviving. Scavenge around for items to keep you fed. Build up your base with new modules to replenish your suit power and oxygen.

Because MewnBase is in active development, there are definitely bugs, and features are subject to change. Many parts of the design I'm still working on figuring out as I go! I try to post new builds roughly every 1-2 weeks.

Features so far

  • Walk around, explore a randomly generated planet.
  • Collect resources and carry them in your inventory.
  • Craft new items.
  • Expand your base by building more habitat modules.
  • Manage your base's power and air supply.
  • Planet day/night cycles.


  • Left Mouse Button – interact / pick up item.
  • Right Mouse Button – place base module (press and hold to pickup base modules).
  • WASD – move around!
  • F – Flashlight
  • M – Show/hide the map
  • Q – Drops item.
  • Enter – enter/exit vehicles
  • Space – vehicle drift
  • R – Rotates the airlock base module while it's being placed.
  • Esc – Pause game or close any open menu
  • F1 – open dev / cheat console. Type "help" to see commands.

Email me comments, questions, problems: [email protected]
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What's New!

Dec 1, 2016 – v0.28.2

  • Fixed a crash bug where building a greenhouse attached to a base with a water supply would result in a "empty" looking greenhouse module, and then a crash / hang if you tried picking the broken greenhouse up.
  • Fixed a UI issue where if you hovered the mouse over one of your inventory items, and then dropped that item (or consumed it) – that the tool-tip would remain stuck to the cursor.
  • Add some button menu sound effects to the front-end menus.

Nov 23, 2016 – v0.28.1

  • New logo and game name! (Character art update coming soon)
  • Fixed a bug where if you were opening a menu (crafting etc) while walking, your player would continue sliding in the background behind the menu for a bit.

Nov 15, 2016 – v0.28

  • Plants now have subtle animations.
  • Added a full-screen toggle button on the Main Menu.
  • Fixed issue with popup menus when screen is resized.
  • Now uses libgdx 1.9.4.

Known issues:
There is a list of known bugs and issues in the MewnBase community board here:

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Planet exploration and survival game with base building.

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