Welcome to Microhard

– Become a hardware engineer

– Join the hardware startup Microhard

– Immerse yourself in the technology of the 80’s

– Disrupt the tech industry

Build your own CPU

– Design hardware circuits with the integrated hardware development environment

– Write your designs in the MHRD hardware design language

– Create hardware designs based on more than 20 specifications (e.g. multiplexer, adder, ALU, RAM, etc.)

– Simulate and verify your designs

– Read the included manual to get started on your career as a hardware engineer

– Reuse completed hardware designs to build more complex ones

– Design a fully functional CPU and get your mind blown!

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MHRD is a hardware design game, in which you design various hardware circuits in a hardware description language. The hardware circuits you design get more complex as you go until you create a fully functional CPU design.

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