‘Micro Miners’ is an extremely addictive idle game where the player earns in-game credits to use on pets and upgrades to your world. The art style of ‘Micro Miners’ is very unique and makes achieving new pet unlocks very satisfying!
You will find yourself playing this game for hours working towards the ultimate goal of achieving all of the pet unlocks.

• Player energy system
• Player health system
• Economy / Credit system
• Player mining upgrades
• Player animations
• Pet animations
• Relaxing ambient sounds
• Automatic data saving

Available Pets:
• Pug
• Fox
• Turtle
• Eagle
• Whale

There will be consistent updates to make the game as enjoyable as possible for you. I would love to hear feedback on how your experience could be improved.

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Micro Miners

'Micro Miners' is an addictive idle game where the main goal of the game is to unlock all of the cosmetic pets in your player's personal world. Earn credits from the hard work and hours that you put into the game to get the feeling of satisfaction when all of your hard work pays off!

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