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This game was possible with the help of the Greenlight process and Valve. Thanks a lot for the support and trust that you gave us.

About the Game

‰‰ Secure. Seek. Subvert. ¬þ±±

Be an agent attempting to secure the city network, or be a hacker attempting to compromise and defeat them. Utilize your communication, manipulation, and deduction skills to persuade others and win the game. You’ll never play the same game twice.

Set in a future cyberpunk San Francisco, in 2038, cities have crushed the open internet. Networks are locked by security nodes and need to be maintained by NTF agents. Hackers have been searching for a way to break into them for years.

Save or corrupt the network by working together. Remember…in the future, anyone could be compromised. Who can you trust? ±

The game is a tribute to social party games such as The Resistance and Werewolf. As MINDNIGHT is heavily inspired after these games, we are looking into other table-top deduction social games to bring new features and modes along the way through updates.


  • Online Multiplayer and Custom Game with Friends (5-10 players)
  • Turn-based Structure
  • Open Chat System
  • Tricky and Subversive Opponents
  • Unpredictable Gameplay

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Inspired by social party games such as The Resistance and Werewolf, MINDNIGHT is an online multiplayer game of manipulation, subterfuge and social deduction for 5 to 10 players.

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