This single player VR Shooting Gallery game has three levels of difficulty. From you static vantage position it’s all on you to defend your mine from being stripped by the invading forces.

Your mine has broken through and opened a portal to another universe and the Aliens on the other side are going to take full advantage of your hard work, they’re coming through and stealing your crystals. You need to stop them! With three levels of intensity and the Aliens able to spawn through the portal in time with pumping music can you keep up with the battle, stop your enemies stealing your goods and get a high score. Who is the best amongst you and your friends.

Some of the Aliens are carrying explosives to blast more crystal from the rocks, shoot those aliens first and they’ll blow up all of the aliens around them!

This fast paced, single player, loud and energetic game is a great entry experience for new VR users at events or tradeshows where needing to know the full range of handset controller functions is not required. This is not a full multi level, exploratory game for seasoned VR Users, it’s fun, fast paced and simple.

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This VR Shooting Gallery single player game has three levels of game play challenging you to defend the mine from invading forces. From your static vantage point you need to shoot as many aliens as possible, as fast as you can. Are you able to stop them stealing your crystals?

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