Mini Hockey VR is a virtual reality game that sets you in a small rink with one AI Goalie. You have a goalie glove in your left hand, a stick and blocker in your right hand, and pads that are set on the ground where you should be. Try to score on the computer goalie, but beware, the puck will shoot back at any time. Always be ready to face a shot and keep it out of your net. 366 fans will be watching you two try to score on each other. Choose a goal horn to play when somebody scores.
The pause menu will keep track of the number of shots you have faced/taken. It also records your save %.

Free pdates to this game will happen to allow the game to grow. Any suggestions to the game will be accepted and read by me, the developer. Have fun and score some goals!

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Mini Hockey VR

Mini hockey VR is a fun game that puts you 1 v 1 with a computer goalie. you get a glove, stick, blocker, and pads to keep the puck out of your net. Try to beat him in 3 diffuculties, Easy, Pro, and All-Star.

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