The legendary paradise of Minions, Mirica Forest, is in great danger!
The wicked Bloody Queen and the Moonies will stop at nothing to take over Mirica forest….
Awaken the dragon sleeping soundly deep within the forest to save Minions in danger and help restore the beautiful homeland of the Minions!

1. So many lovely Minions to collect!
Save Minions locked in adventures and transform them to fight the Moonies!
Complete Minion collections!

2. Transform Minions into unique forms!
Minions will newly transform if they are given items or foods they like!
Collect various ingredients from adventures and homeland to cook various food and craft items!

3. Great adventures!
Defeat the Moonies threatening the Minions during the adventures!
Don’t be fooled by the Moonies cute looks!

4. Decorate the village and your one-of-a-kind Homeland & character!
Once you complete each stages in an adventure, you can visit villages decorated with various themes!
Trade decor items and avatars at different villages!

5. Create your own Mirica forest with the Minions!
Complete decor collections by decorating Homeland with decor objects of different themes!
Gather Special Minions by completing decor collections!
Don’t miss out the bonus stages for hidden Minions!

Let’s begin our great adventures to the mysterious Mirica Forest!

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Minion Forest

Protect the beautiful Mirika Forest with the lovely Minions!
Alice, the forest fairy, calls us for the battle to protect the legendary forest!
Awaken the dragon to stop the evil Moonies and the Bloody Queen and help us bring back Mirica forest!

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