Isometric shooter about a mission called Wolf, in this game you start with your weapon and some ammo, kill enemies and do what is asked to achieve the goal in each act.
A storyteller will guide you through text and voice during the mission.

There are various types of weapons and different reactions from enemies to that weapons, There are also interactable objects throughout the map as well as a good AI of enemies

What to expect:

-Enemy IA and different types of enemies

-interactable objects

-Easy and clear interface

-Different types of weapons

-Healt and ammo packs throught the mission

-Experience and kill count

-Destructable environment

-Player with standard movement

-Weapon selector via mouse wheel

How to play:

-Mouse and mouse clicks to move and accept in menus

-WASD to move in gameplay

-Left click to shoot

-Mouse to aim in gameplay

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Mission: Wolf

Isometric shooter where you are in a mission, called Wolf, complete that mission and you will complete this game.

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