In December 24, Dana’s child was getting cold in his arms as the chimes of midnight struck. After his parents died, his wife died in childbirth, the young businessman lost his last relative. The Christmas came to town, except the cold foreign-style house. Shortly afterwards, Rumor has it that the young businessman was mad. He always holds the picture of his family and talk to the people around him with a creepy smile that he was play hide-and-seek with his child. People all ridiculed him, so he just leaves lonely. Gradually, people don’t see him anymore, he and his house was forgotten in this wasteland.

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"MIST VR" is a first-person perspective of the chamber to escape the game.
Players in an abandoned house, cold floors, old furniture, swaying lights,
in this environment players need to collect in each room to decrypt the clues,
crack the puzzle can open a Road room door, the final escape from the house.

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