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Monarch of Greed – Act 1

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Monarch of Greed – Act 1 is the first of three games featuring occult storylines. While each game will be (somewhat) complete on its own, the stories and characters will be linked to each other. (The remaining two games will be free for players that purchased Act 1 before they are released)

In Monarch of Greed – Act 1, players will decide the fate of three characters as they attempt to figure out how to escape an abandoned orphanage, as well as why they are there. Locked doors won’t be your only enemies here. Various spirits as well as your own choices will often lead you to your death.

Multiple Endings

Monarch of Greed – Act 1 feature two different endings affected by your choices during conversations.

Players will also encounter multiple dead ends as they progress through the story, so be sure to save a lot!


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Monarch of Greed – Act 1

The Monarch of Greed's advent is near. You cannot stop it. You cannot hide from it. All you can do is do your best to try and survive it. Control various characters and make the right choices to avoid the multiple dead ends.

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