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How to win the game: Protect your Inhibitor from monster raid. The game total of 20 off waves of monsters, 5 second intervals between each wave , Players can move Guardians around platforms without lose crystal points. When battle begin, Monster will come out from the portal (There will be a red exclamation point prompt). Guardians need to grab in the sky, each guardian consume Crystal Points. If player’s crystal insufficient, guardian can not be caught. The player currently owns Crystal Point shows on the top of Mountain in game. After killing the monster, the crystal of monster’s will drop into the sky. Player need to catch them before they disappear. When each monster reaching Inhibitor, inhibitor will lose one health of total 6 health. 20 defensive success wave, inhibitor not broken, then congratulations, you win the game.

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MonkeyKing VR

"MonkeyKingVR" is a pioneer VR game made by GENE GAMES CORPORATION in the beginning of an era. "Journey to the West" as the background story to the game; cartoon art style; In the classic play "tower defense" as the core game play. This game focus on highlighting the immersive experience of virtual reality features. For the players to bring immersive "strong interaction" gaming experience.

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