This Is My First Game.

This is a capture monster, cultivate monsters, monsters against the game.
The game content is relatively simple, no complicated plot and big city.
There Are Only A Few Wild Maps and the City

No end

Use the store to buy the "Monster ball", from the wild to catch the strange companion
Through the upgrade, as well as props, to enhance the strength of strange and learn skills

In addition to the upgrade, the ability of the blame can also be improved by fighting
HP’s loss will make MAXHP more
SP loss will make MAXSP more
Using physical attacks will make STR higher
Using a special attack will make INT higher
Physical attacks will make DEF higher
Special attacks will make MDEF higher
Dodge will make AGI higher
The use of portable state skills will make DEX higher
But this increase in capacity is the sum of the upper limit

In addition, each strange partner born with different ability bonus, which is fixed, can change through the props
Each strange creatures are born with random skills, each level has a certain probability of random acquisition of new skills

Skills can be changed by props
High power skills damage high, but hit low, PP less
There is no skill on the use of PP
Can be restored through the props, and after the battle will be restored

You can and the NPC with the strange mating, to reproduce the strange companion
But not all the blame between the can be carried out, you can mate the strange together with a period of time will show the corresponding information, can not mate without change
Breeding strange companion inherited the parent side of the race, inherited both parents in the equipment skills, random inheritance of individual values ​​of parents, the successor of parents inherited the characteristics

The initial possession of 1,000 gold coins, through the wild and NPC to get money to fight, lose will be reduced money
There are still robberies in the wild that will be asked to pay all the money, and after the refusal will force the fight
In this battle lost the strange will enter the serious state of injury, the ability to decline, only "healing water" can be lifted
And then was taken away all the money.

There is still a trap in the wild, it can cause damage, or abnormal state
Traps can be probed through the lead skills and can be learned in Dream City

Arena offers, named duel, random duel, named doubles, random doubles, named team, random team, etc.
If the intimacy is not high enough, it will be refused to team up
Each defeated opponent a strange partner, you can get points
Each lose a strange partner, the loss of points
This is double in random mode
The number of points can be exchanged for the corresponding props

NPC will also give up often lost strange, get a new blame

Competition can participate in singles and team games, the need for 10 consecutive victories in order to get money and props
The competition is subject to a fee.
There are games that use the system to provide the strange companions to fight the game.
As well as a master of high combat capability in the game waiting for the challenge

BUG, please put forward, I will modify
There are suggestions, please also put forward, will be appropriate to modify

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Monster partner

This is a capture monster, cultivate monsters, monsters against the game.The game has no end. Each strange partner has its own characteristics, composed of different teams to play a different strength. And NPC team can fight together. Can capture all the blame to fill the illustrations.

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