By the late ’80s, the nights were dominated by hordes of an unknown creature and so little was known about them. Only you volunteered to go out this world alone and sweep these creatures from the face of the earth. People called you "Moon Bullet" and your method is simple: unleash unlimited shots with an automatic rifle against these creatures and try to stay alive!

  • 1. Automatic Rifle: In your hand a powerful weapon used in special operations activated with a simple click of the mouse. If your ammo runs out, you really will be in trouble!
  • 2. Run: Main skill of those who are afraid. With the keys "A" and "S" keep moving and deceive the creatures but do not try to run forever.
  • 3. Survival: The time is running and with this rush, you will be thirsty and hungry and this can be fatal!
  • 4. Extermination: Shooting at the creatures will be essential to stay alive and you will still be rewarded for it.

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Moon Bullet

A 2D side-scrolling shooter in which the player must survive the waves of zombies, thirst and hungry.

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