Use arrow keys and enter to maneuver menus.
Aim ship with mouse.
left click to move, and while doing so hold right click to fire.
Space bar to use wipe ability.

Mankind was finally prepared for the colonization of Mars, with new technology which would allow them to terraform it into a livable and truly earth-like planet.
Alongside this technology came the ability to give creatures human-like intelligence.
A Canadian scientist began to give these abilities to his specimens, and intended for them to be taken alongside Mars colonists and used for hard labour.
They were transported to the planet and began their contribution to the cause.
While excavating the planet for fossils and useful materials, a large collection of glowing crystals was discovered.
The animals were sent to retrieve these crystals, only to return with unnatural powers which would make them truly powerful.
However; one did not return from below.
Soon the colony went dark, and a new power on the planet was forming.
Closer inspection of the surface revealed the intention for the animals to return to Earth, and take revenge for their treatment.
Beyond this, a large source of energy was discovered below the original site of excavation, and it is unclear how this came to be.
In order to prevent the incoming devastation, you, the scientist who created this very situation have come to end it before the animals are ready for invasion.

Main Theme /
Kick Puncher – Runner Gunner

Combat Theme /
MK Ultra – Tears in The Rain

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Moose Invasion

Moose Invasion is a classic style arcade game in which you take on oversized native Canadian wildlife that use magic crystals to harness the powers of force fields, telekinesis and shooting lasers from their eyes.
This is done to prevent their invasion of Earth from the newly colonized Mars, and to discover what secret is hidden below the surface of the used-to-be red planet which is creating an unnatural amount of energy.

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