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Mortal Squad: Portal to Hell

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The discovery of teleportation into other dimensions contributed to the expansion of humanity to many worlds, even though they are mostly unfavorable for people.
An insane scientist professor Moroe is the head of the clan “Children of Satan.” He has found a portal leading to a hostile world Akheron.
Unstable dimension Akheron allowed to generate portals from there into anti-worlds. Professor Moroe was already close to open the gates into Stix.
You must stop the project before the portal is open and infernal beasts from Stix flood our world.

Key features:
– Classical turn-based action following the path of games like Rebel Star and Laser Squad
– 20 procedural generated levels
– 6 types of units with different characteristics
– More than 15 enemy unit types with different behaviors and difficulty levels.
– Different defense of enemies from different weapon types
– 4 bosses

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Mortal Squad: Portal to Hell

Control a squad of fearless soldiers with unique abilities to stop a mad scientist who is ready to open a portal for creatures from hell. A classical turn-based system and procedural generation of levels which would require various tactical decisions to beat the game.

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