Meet Jack, A professional mountaineer. He’s on a mountain from his home town, trying to blow off some steam and blend with nature. He’s an expert at his job, and knows almost everything about the mountain. He lives in a small town at the foot of the mountain and sometimes takes tourists for a trek. Currently he has been trekking for a couple of days and now seems to be very far from town. Here he gets to see nature in harmony, with animals and birds alike. This peaceful setting is disturbed by a storm that sets in and there is a loud explosion. A plane has crashed into the mountain and Jack decides to take a look at what happened. He finds some survivors and aids them. Now Jack has a long way to town and rescue will take a lot of time. The only way is to get the survivors in town to save them. Supplies are short and Jack has to work on thin supplies to keep them and himself alive. He has to fight the cold, predators, hunger etc. will jack save them all?

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Welcome to the mountain, where everything was peaceful until a storm appeared which caused a plane to crash. Play as Jack, a professional mountaineer who helps saving the few survivors from the crash. Protect them from cold, predators, hunger. can you save them all?

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