You are a strong and handsome astronaut who has crash landed on an alien planet. With your ship in need of repair you must roam a new world in order to find the resources needed. Be prepared to get lost! Along the way you will discover adorable pets; however, you can only recruit them if you make them love you. Once you gain their love, they can assist in defending against stubborn robots, giant evil flowers, and alien ghosts. When these enemies attack – have no fear. Your special abilities (and good looks) can be used in multiple ways to offer protection. From cloning to teleporting, you will love the whimsy and variety in this fast paced game.

Mr. Donovan allows you to use each surprise to your advantage:

  • Changing Environments: Teleporting allows you to quickly discover the outer reaches of the planet.
  • Special Abilities: Each ability can be used in multiple, yet surprising ways.
  • Unique Battles: Creatures accidentally drop buffs that will help you defeat them.
  • Adorable Pets: Friendly pets can heal you and give you more energy.

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Mr. Donovan

Learn the secrets of your new world in order to repair your space ship and survive! Mr. Donovan is a top-down, action-adventure game where you must mine for resources and defend your ship to survive and escape the planet.

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