Dating simulator with adventure and RPG elements. You have to survive in the fantasy world of Lagicam by conversating with its inhabitants, fighting the evil ones, crafting usable items and flirting with monsters to get to their softer side.


The hero of our story, Nameless Ghoul, is a human living in our world. But even most powerful wizards need company. When Ghoul tried to summon a demon to comfort the lonely nights the spell was casted incorrectly and Ghoul ends up in the magical world of Lacigam instead.

The only way back to our world is to find powerful catalysts, touched with strong emotions. And the strongest of emotion is naturally love! And so, our hero is off on a quest to date the good people of Lagicam who happen to be quite monstrous…


  • Date 6 unique and atypical monster characters
  • Experience the traditional RPG elements of combat, exploring, looting etc.
  • Take on quests
  • Discover the story
  • Collect and craft items
  • Fight scary, evil monsters
  • Original Art
  • Original Rich Story

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My Beastly Lovers

Begin your mission of collecting magical items by taking over the hearts of monsters in this game that mixes dating simulator with adventure and RPG elements. Will you find the love of your life among monsters?

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