Feature List

  • Exciting mix of medical/construction simulation and mini games
  • Face the challenges of a real vet, from buying medication to feeding your animals
  • Enjoy almost photo-realistic animals as well as detailed animations and scenarios
  • Treat different kinds of animals, such as hamsters, cockatoos, bunnies, cats, dogs, horses…
  • Choose from 9 examination and 8 treatment methods: Stethoscope, Sonography, Injections…
  • Enjoy fun mini games: Feeding, petting, gardening…

About the Game

Do you sometimes dream of being a vet? Now you can make that dream come true. Create your own practice – you decide what kind of buildings such as stables, paddock or small animal shelter you want to build. And it’s also up to you which animal patients you are going to treat. Every day people with sick animals such as guinea pigs, bunnies, budgies, cats, dogs and even horses visit your practice.

Like a real vet you have to take responsibility and tackle the challenge of treating, cleaning and feeding your patients day by day. But, of course, there’s plenty of time for playing with the animals and petting them. Sometimes it’s even necessary to admit animals for a few days to take care of them.

Even though working with animals is fun, you also enjoy relaxed rides with your own horse at the idyllic beach, in the nearby forest or over vast fields and meadows.
Lovingly take care of your little patients and get to know a real vets day-to-day job.

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My Vet Practice

Do you sometimes dream of being a vet doctor? Now you can make that dream come true – start your own vet practice!

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